2020 Project


Nikil Ragav (W’20, EAS'20)
With inventXYZ, President’s Innovation Prize winner Nikil Ragav has created a high-tech curriculum for high school to motivate future problem-solvers.

inventXYZ founder Nikil Ragav
2019 Projects


Michael Wong (W'16)
InstaHub’s mission is to eliminate energy waste through snap-on automation that enhances, rather than replaces, existing building infrastructure. Founded at Penn in 2016, InstaHub is focused on fighting climate change through energy conservation efforts with cleantech building automation technology.

InstaHub founder Michael Wong
2019 Projects

Strella Biotechnology

Katherine Sizov (C'19) and Malika Shukurova (EAS'19)
Strella is developing a bio-sensor that can predict the maturity of virtually any fresh fruit. Strella’s sensors are installed in controlled atmosphere storage rooms, monitoring apples as they ripen. This enables packers and distributors to identify the ripest apples and fruit for their customers, thus minimizing spoilage and food waste and promoting sustainability.

Strella Biotechnologies founders Katherine Sizov and Malika Shukurova
2018 Project

Avisi Technologies (VisiPlate)

Rui Jing Jiang (W'18), Brandon Kao (EAS'18), and Adarsh Battu (W'18)
Avisi Technologies is a health-care startup that is creating a revolutionary treatment for the second-leading cause of blindness in the world: glaucoma. VisiPlate, Avisi’s nanoscale ocular implant, has the potential to transform the industry paradigm for glaucoma treatment and vision-loss prevention.


Avisi Technologies founders Brandon Kao, Rui Jing Jiang, and Adarsh Battu
2017 Projects


Sade Oba (EAS'16) and Alfredo Muniz (EAS'16)
Sade Oba and Alfredo Muniz are helping Parkinson's disease patients through XEED, a network of wearable devices that tracks the movements of limbs, syncs the data to a smart phone, and compares the results to benchmarks set by therapists. XEED will enable patients and their families to access accurate, up-to-date data as they actively fight against Parkinson's.

XEED founders Alfredo Muniz & Sade Oba in the Singh Center for Nanotechnology

Fever Smart

William Duckworth (EAS’16), Aaron Goldstein (W'16)
William Duckworth and Aaron Goldstein are continuing their work with Fever Smart. Fever Smart enables patients and healthcare providers to monitor a patient's temperature in real time and receive alerts when their temperature begins to rise to unsafe levels.

Fever Smart founders Aaron Goldstein & William Duckworth in the Singh Center